Monday, 18 February 2013

Day one in Delhi

Well I am finally here in Delhi, wow.... I forget how chaotic the place is, but I do really love it.

When I was here in June the heat was unbearable, so I really liked the cool change.  Walking off the plane you could smell the heavy smoke in the air. visibility was pretty bad and I had to laugh when our driver was telling us that rain the day before cleaned up the city... and today was very clear, the look on my parents' face was priceless in the back seat of a car on Delhi's crazy streets.

After we got to the apartment we grabbed some takeout and ate it while heading to Dr Jolly's clinic for an ultrasound. This was a very strange experience and in hindsight I was a bit naive.

When we walked into the clinic, it was nicely set up with comfortable couches and quite a few people, all of them stared at us and where clearly trying to figure out what was going on 'who are these white people, and what are they doing?' My surrogate turned up a few minutes later and I went to say hello to her, she was very quiet, and at first I thought she was just rushed and shy (as we all know what the traffic is like in Delhi), but she remained very quiet for the whole ultra sound and didn't look at the screen,

I think that I may have embarrassed her in the waiting room, being a foreigner I was already getting enough attention. Maybe she was a Little shy and I have misread the situation. But it was really nice to see her and see one of the babies on the screen.

I want to note that Dr Jolly was amazing, he pointed out and explained everything on the screen and took a lovely 4D picture, I was hoping that I might be able to see something that may give away the gender but had no luck.

Well its time for me to call it a day.



  1. good morning . glad to hear that you made it safely to India . Have a great week . Hope the babies arrive safley , best of luck and lots of prays for you .

  2. What an amazing photo! When is your official due date? Unless babies come early we will be arriving March 8. Hope to see you!

    1. Hi
      I was thinking that they would be born this week, but they may come next week

      Baby one is 37 weeks 3 days and about 3.2kg , and baby two is about 36 weeks 1 day and about 2.9kg.

      Where are you staying when you get here? Im at Jungpura ext.


    2. We are staying at Svelte. I am amazed our SM is still carrying the twins - they are getting so big according to the scans. I go to sleep each night expecting a phone call to say that they are here! Good luck with everything. Will they take the babies at the same time or just let nature take its course?

  3. Amazing pic! It's good to know that all is well. Good luck and looking forward to your update. Cheers!

  4. Hey

    Just reading. Your great blog
    What a life journey. Wishing you
    All the best and a great start in
    Perth. Regards John , Ireland

  5. Hey Adrian, whats up buddy I am so glad you made it there safe and I am glad that you brought your parents that will be a huge help for you. Make sure you get familar with the FRRO web site and get al the information down so y9ou are not blind sided. Make sure you hire Poonam, shes not a huge nesscary but shes a huge help and I loved her for everything that she did, So I would say get her. Stay on top of everyone and in constant contact once your babies are born, meaning SCI the Embasssy and the hospital so baby gets to you and out of the country safe. also most if not all babies are born C-section and it will cost you an extra $2500 just be ready for it. You will be so happy with everything as I was. I love love Dr. Shivani. Let me know if you need anything Ill do my best to give you advice.


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