Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Back from India

Well yesterday I got back to Australia from India. After 24 hours of travel it was so nice to be able to jump into a hot steaming bath without worrying about my sperm levels dropping.

I loved India, the people there are so lovely and welcoming (maybe not the tuk tuk drivers, but they wern't so bad after all if they rip you off it's only a dollar). I was told by a local that if you do have a problem with a tuk tuk just use your smart phone to take a picture of their number plate and they may be a little more accomadating.

I stayed in Jung pura extention at a furnished appartments that my freinds had rented. They just welcomed a new addition to their family on 5 June. Jung Pura is more of a neighbourhood area, though it does have local Markets and is in a central location. At first I felt a bit issolated being their but once I found my way around I fell in love with the place - it was also nice being out of some of the touristy spots where you could walk around in peace.

The local food there was amazing and so cheap, I loved the indian food and would always order far too much - However I found a good use to the left over butter naan; it goes really well with vegemite at breakfast.

Talking of food, I met up with Adrian and Jason one night and we all went out for dinner, we found a small chinese place at citywalk and we ordered the duck with chilli and garlic, I took a mouthfull and it literally tasted like fish, pretty bad fish, I tried to have some class as I chewed and tasted the flavours of 1000 dead fish bursting through my mouth, I couldn't keep it in and just had to spit it out. We have no idea where that duck came from, but I will be ducking the duck next time I'm in India.

I went shopping with a local on Saturday and she took me to a few malls and then to the emporium at CP. The emporium was amazing, many things to choose from all over india, good quality, fixed prices etc. I recommend it to anyone.

I wish I had been able to spend more time in India, I was quite sad to leave, but I am looking forward to returning.


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Packing for India

I'm off to India on Saturday and I can't wait.

If anyone else is going to be in town next week, let me know. It would be great to meet some other IP's.

Any advice on places or things I should see, eat or avoid let me know.