Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Day 3 in Perth

Well it's day three in Perth, I've looks at 8 houses but have not found the one yet. I will keep looking and I am sure the right one will come up.

Not much else has happened on the India front (which is a good thing), the bubs are about 34 weeks and I still have a whole lot of stuff to get done, while the plan is to leave on the 14th, I hope to to be ready and packed by mid next week.

I am still really stuck on names, I love old traditional names that are not too common and spelled correctly, I also want to choose a really nice indian middle name, that has a special meaning and starts with the same letter of their surrogate's name. I've found this website and it has been of some help http://www.indiaparenting.com/names/names1.cgi?param1=foreign but I am still very undecided.

Oh when I was in india in June, I brought my nephews and neices some nice traditional indian outfits, whiles the girls loved them (and thought they were fairy dresses) the boys weren't too interested.  On monday my nephew was showing me his room and had the outfit hanging up, so I asked him why he had'nt worn his "royal prince outfit" and told him it was a very special suit, it was funny to watch as he jumped into it straight away. I'm going to try and upload a picture of it. They are really looking forward to seeing their cousins and I love the questions they ask.


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  1. We haven't decided what names to give our twins. We are using combinations of my name and my partners name (but we can only have a handful of combination before it starts sounding stupid). Thanks for sharing the link. The photos are nice (your nephew looked quite excited wearing the traditional Indian clothes).