Monday, 14 January 2013

Week 32

Things seem a bit frantic in an organised way. I moved out of the house yesterday, sold my car on Friday and my last day at work is tomorrow.

My flights to India are booked. I fly to Bangkok on 14th February ($500) then on 18 February we fly to Delhi ($180) the we should be returning to Perth on 14 march (520). I ended up getting a cheap flight by using the qantas India website. It ended up being $300 bucks cheaper than the Australian site I just had to pay in rupees.

Mum and Dad are really excited and it will be their first time in India. I'm back in Perth next week for three weeks and will try to get them prepared as possible.

I've decided not to worry about the changes in travel visas as I started this journey before they came about.


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  2. Hi Adrian.

    I am leaving Tomorrow (Well okay just after 1am on the 16th) and am going to be flying in to a firestorm of bureaucracy with all these changes. The Lawyers I have lined up to help me in Mumbai sent an Email reminding me of a need to get a visa to enter India (Gee Yogi, Ya think), but said Surrogacy Visa. Well, They have not responded to me yet after I told them "I am flying tomorrow on a Tourist visa, Please advise".

    As you said, we started this before these changes came in, but the few trickles of info I am picking up from some blogs, is that there is no Grandfather clause. We shall see if I can make my Lawyers work for their money i will be paying them to sort the FRRO out :)

    As it goes, the dates on my Surrogacy agreement are 9th of June (Egg Transfer date). Anyway enough of my blabbering, back to packing (at 19.25KG of 20KG baggage according to digital scales).

    My Mother is joining me later in Mumbai as well to help bring babies back home, and in a twist of fate, lives in Armadale (Perth).

  3. Hey Brian.

    Have a safe flight and I am sure you will have no problems with the frro. The worst case scenario I have heard of is someone paying a $50 fine (bribe).

    You also have your lawyers so you could always get them to come on down if needed. You will also want to make sure that you have every document they require as you don't want to come back.

    I've found dealing with Indian government departments is that they will make an observation, like "wrong visa" but wont tell you what it then means. They just kind of stop and then say the same thing again after a few awkward moments later. But I am sure it will go well.


  4. Adrian

    We are going on Tourist Visa's as well. It will be fine. We leave this weekend. Will let you know how we go or we can catch up and discuss it in an Indian goal :)

    Pete and Lynda (Perth)

    1. It would be great to catch up. Hopefully not in jail. Where are you staying ?

  5. Maybe we'll see you there! We are planning to arrive around the first of March - unless babies come early. Hope to see you in Delhi :-)

    1. Have you booked flights and accommodation