Saturday, 1 March 2014

Turning one

Well I have survived the first year. 

India feels like years ago.   I'm so great flu for the twins.  The fantastic people in my life and the help of dr Shivani.  


  1. Wow how much Charlie and April have grown! It goes by so fast doesnt it. Well done Daddy for surviving the first year. Happy 1st Birthday Charlie and April love your Aussie/Indian cousins Sophie, Lilly and Jack xxx

    1. Thank you. Congratulations to you for surviving the first year too. Sophie, Lilly and Jack are adorable.

  2. Happy Birthday beautiful twins!! Love the cake Adrian...what a fantastic idea!!! They seem to grow so quickly!!!!

  3. Wow Adrian, the babies have grown. Congrats. They are adorable. I don't have your email, and I need to ask for a favor. Can you please email me at