Tuesday, 11 June 2013

15 weeks

They grow so quickly.
15 weeks.

Parenthood is going well. I'm very used to 'where's mum?' Question. I tend to go a bit stir crazy staying at home so tend to head out everyday. The kids love the shops and anywhere that is busy and noisy.

Last week I decided to travel and visit some friends and family in the south west of the state. The bubs did well sleeping in a different house each night and it was lovely seeing family.

Here are a couple of pictures from the last couple of weeks



  1. April and Charles look fabulous Adrian....know what u mean about going stir crazy..it is good for the bubs too to see different environments.....love the pics

    1. I've been thinking if you. His are you and the triplets going.

  2. Adore the pics! Children are beautiful. Clearly loved and well cared for! Congratulations.

  3. What happy bubbas, I love their expressions, very cute! Ps I understand getting out daily, I hate staying home too!!