Sunday, 4 November 2012

22 weeks

I just got back to Canberra after a nice weekend in Sydney…. I have to say that I am making the most of my free time before the babies come.

Last week was an eventful. On Thursday night I got an email telling me that my Miss B was admitted to hospital with bleeding, I wasn’t given too much information on the severity but she was kept in hospital for a few days and released on Saturday. I tried not to over google ‘bleeding at 22 weeks’, and I put my trust into SCI, after all she is getting the best care she can. The ultrasound I got on Friday night was great and bub and Miss B are doing well. I’m hoping Bub stops having tantrums and starts being nice to Miss B.

In other news, on Friday, I had fantastic news from work, after three months they agreed to pay me 14 weeks paid leave once the twins are born (the same provisions that available for others in my department that are eligible for maternity or adoption leave), while I wasn’t counting on this to come through it will make thinks a little more comfortable.

It feels strange being in the 20+ weeks period, the birth seems so far away yet so close. I think about the twins all the time, pondering about their future and from time-to-time I occasionally feel a little disconnected. I wish I could just drop and say ‘hi’ to the surrogates, rub their belly’s, cook them dinner etc. I was chatting to a friend about this the other day and she mentioned it’s normal for some fathers to feel a little disconnected even when their partner is pregnant, the conversation was helpful and helped put things into perspective.

There seems to be some interest in the house so hopefully it will be sold on Auction day. I’ve also decided to move to Perth on 14 January 2013, this will be about 7 weeks before the twins are due and will give me time to set up the new place and be ready if they decide to arrive early.



  1. Glad things are going so well Adrian. Time really is going fast isnt it?

    1. It is isn't it? You must be at 31 weeks right?

  2. Yes, I totally get what you mean about feeling disconnected. I think it feels more real with each milestone and as the due date gets closer. Hopefully once you start putting together the nursery, it will help. Also, I've heard that some parents have requested and received a picture of the surrogates growing belly. Worth a shot!

  3. I think I will ask for a picture. I've have a friend who has received a pictures a few times. I'd love to get a whole pictures of the surrogate.