Sunday, 1 July 2012

How can 14 days take so long?

Well the 14 days is creeping up. Monday, 2nd of July is the day.

I am hoping for good news, but if it isn't, I will keep on trying.

I will keep you posted.



  1. All the best Adrian, fingers and toes crossed for you!

  2. Adrian

    HI Mate Michael from the States, I just want to tell you that this will be the best journey in the world. I am a single Gay father in the USA, doing it alone. I was scared but I wanted nothing more then to be a dad. I took the change with one Surro and 4 eggs and I have a singleton thats 9 weeks plus and strong. On Wednesday will be week 10 and I cant wait to hear from the clinic. you picked the right Doctor. Dr Shivani. I love her. Wanna talk just let me know, remember no new is GOOD news.


  3. These are the most difficult decisions because while one formula might work for some, the same formula doesn't work for others. Knowing this doesn't make the decisions any easier or stop the doubt and self questioning.
    You will know today how this formula performed this time round, hoping you receive the best news.

  4. Thank you everyone. Just got confirmed confirmation :)